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UST / AST Tank Removal and Excavation

UST / AST Tank Removal and Excavation

In most cases, the majority of the underground storage tanks (UST) and above-ground storage tanks (AST) and related piping are usually used as fuel storage tanks which makes them an important environmental liability with a high contamination risk to the groundwater or property soil.

Most USTs are commonly used for many years in the storage of kerosene, gasoline, heating oil and diesel fuel which make them susceptible to leakage and rusting. Fuel oil storage tanks pose a major risk just not to property owners but to property buyers as well who, for one reason or the other, may be unaware of undocumented and abandoned tanks.

It is therefore quite important for any property owner to have a clarity on any underground or above-ground storage tanks within their property.

In such a case, the first thing that our team will do is a site assessment. This is to enable us to determine the extent of rust or leakage that has occurred before doing additional testing and the needed remedy. Our experienced experts can help our clientele remove the tanks, remedy the site and fill a post-closure report in order to get a No Further Action (NFA) status from the State.

Steps Taken in the Assessment

Just like in business, when there is a risk, the first call to action is to assess the risk and come up with feasible solutions. Same applies to the removal and excavation of underground or above-ground storage tanks. When assessing the storage tanks, below is what’s included by our team of experts:

  • Monitoring well installation and soil boring advancement
  • Sampling of the soil in the surrounding area and an analysis by a State certified laboratory
  • Groundwater sampling/monitoring
  • Contaminant plume and groundwater monitoring
  • Presenting the needed reports and notifications to the State agencies

It’s no secret that storage tanks have very volatile liquids. As such, there are certain environmental regulations stipulated by different States and that need to be adhered to when excavating or removing any underground or above-ground storage tanks.

Our company abides by all these procedures to ensure that you do not run into any squabbles with the State agencies. We will reach out to the local government – both the fire department as well as the construction department – seeking the needed permits and inspection. Next step will be to submit the closure permits of the tank which are usually standard.

Before starting any work visits, we will obtain the needed permits and have a utility mark out the exact subject site. Once all necessary state procedures are done and dusted, we will then proceed to begin the excavation.

Remediation Plan

It’s important for any company involved in the excavation or removal of USTs and ASTs to have a remediation plan. Without one, there’s a lot of risks that are involved in the excavation or removal has been done. And while we have a variety of remediation strategies, our top three are:

  • Natural attenuation
  • Bioremediation
  • Soil burrowing and disposal

Regulated closure and removal of both USTs and ASTs can be both a costly and lengthy process. And you definitely need the best UST and AST removal company that can help you save money while providing you with an effective and quick solution. Call us today to book your site assessment.