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5 Things To Consider Before Soil Sampling

Soil Sampling Services In Long Island

best quality soil sampling services in Long Island

best quality soil sampling services in Long Island

Soil tests are a great way to help identify which crops to grow for the next season as well as to properly diagnose any underlying cropping problems. While it is fairly easy to hire a professional to extract and examine soil samples from your property, it is also very important that you understand the basics of the soil sampling procedure to ensure that you choose the best soil sampling service providers that can give you quality results.

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Things To Consider To Ensure Success In Soil Sampling

1. When To Take The Sample

Soil sampling is usually done in the fall season, just after harvest, or during spring before applying fertilizers and planting new crops. Ideally, to minimize other variables that may affect test results, samples should be taken every 2-4 years, during the same time/season, same area, and same crops. Variations in the factors stated can produce vast differences in test results as well as inaccurate diagnosis.

2. Size Of Area And Type Of Soil

Different land areas and different soil types require different sampling methods. Best to research the best method depending on these two factors before conducting a soil test. Professional soil sampling services usually also suggest a soil sampling method for you. However, you can insist on a method that you think is more appropriate for your area.

soil sampling services in Long Island

soil sampling services in Long Island

3. Field History

Soil has a long memory. Past practices can greatly influence its current characteristics and behavior. Knowledge of your soil history is an important aspect of choosing soil sample areas as well as interpreting soil test results accurately. How much and how often fertilizer is applied, what crops are planted, and the topography of the area are just some examples of relevant soil history.

4. Materials Used For Collection

To ensure that the results of the soil samples are accurate, the collection of the samples must be taken with extreme seriousness and care. Wrong samples will produce inaccurate results. Take note of the prescribed materials needed in extracting the samples and make sure that samples are not contaminated in any way. Details such as using a plastic bucket instead of a metal one can be a small but important factor to take note of.

5. Method of Sampling

Different soil sampling methods produce different results. The important thing is to identify the best one for your soil. Do your research and consult the professional soil sampler of your choice to know the method that can give you the most accurate and useful results. Soil samples can be taken using the following techniques:

  • Grid sampling – the area is divided into grids, and each grid is taken one sample
  • Whole field sampling – a few samples are taken to represent the whole field
  • Management zone sampling – “management zones” are made based on information from soil survey maps, field history, topography, etc.

Leading Soil Sampling Services In Long Island

best soil sampling services in Long IslandHaving well-collected soil samples and accurate test results can greatly help crop growers in a good harvest for their next crops as well as in treating any existing cropping problems in their fields.

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